Well hello there. Over the next three months I'm going to be going from Japan to Australia and New Zealand... via 2 months spent on a big boat in the North Pacific. I'm part of the scientific team for IODP Expedition 324, which aims to sample deep basement rocks from a giant underwater volcanic-plateau called 'Shatsky Rise'. Should you be interested, you can follow what I'm up to here...

Friday, 25 September 2009


The "moon pool geyser" during the storm, as promised.
(Please excuse the slightly unhinged laughter; I was wearing flipflops and a cardigan during a typhoon, was getting absolutely soaked and was clearly high as a kite).

Before the storm rolled in, the night-shift science gals went up on the top-deck to see how windy it was getting up there...

Not a recipe for a good hair day methinks.

The cloud was so thick that it felt like nighttime all day long. The rig looked particularly spooky in the stormy afterglow.

The calm after the storm.

The big mass of cloud in the background is the typhoon moving north (to the right) as we were heading south (to the left). (You might say were were "ships passing in the night", if you were the sort of person who liked terrible word-play like that, and was as tired as i am right now).

So for now, no more weather-related drama.
We're at our next site on the Southern Rise, have been successfully drilling for two days and have recovered an absolute ton of sediment. I have more mud than i know what to do with and i'm THRILLED.
(The sad thing is, I truly am thrilled).
Ah well, it takes all sorts to make a world :)

Toodle pip

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  1. Nice hair; nice moon pool geyser. Glad all well and you are thrilled with sedimentary rocks - each to his/her own! And yes it is your Mum - who would have thought this Luddite would have entered the 21st century? Needs must to keep in contact with wayward daughter, eh? Nightie night. Luvya M.