Well hello there. Over the next three months I'm going to be going from Japan to Australia and New Zealand... via 2 months spent on a big boat in the North Pacific. I'm part of the scientific team for IODP Expedition 324, which aims to sample deep basement rocks from a giant underwater volcanic-plateau called 'Shatsky Rise'. Should you be interested, you can follow what I'm up to here...

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

This week I have mostly been...

. Throwing myself on the Australian docks and kissing the dusty concrete like Kevin Costner in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves when he got to Dover after the Crusades.
. Enjoying my first beer (and my second beer, and my third beer, and my...) for 2 months. (Sorry liver, you thought I'd grown up there for a minute didn't you?)
. Dancing like a teenager at a full-moon-party on a tropical beach.
. Getting up-close and personal with the Australian wildlife...

. Letting the Australian wildlife get a little too up-close and personal with me...

. Not getting a tan.
. Experiencing feelings of sadness, shortly followed by resignation, about the fact that I didn't get a tan. And probably never will.
. Being too hot.
. Flying to New Zealand and being too bloody cold. 9C plus windchill are you kidding me?
. Deciding to go even further south to see penguins and seals tomorrow despite being almost too cold... to.. type.
. Seeing more spiders in 6 minutes in NZ than i did in 5 days in Oz and being a bit confused about that.
. Not calling any of my relatives despite numerous promises to the contrary. Sorry guys. I'm fine. Speak soon x


  1. omg parrrrrrrrrrots!!!! so jealz

    tanned skin is damaged skin, how many times??


  2. ffuuuuuuuunnn times.
    rainbow birds? koalas? i love you. x